The rants and musings of a Guardian Druid currently living on the Proudmoore (US) serve.

Make no mistake. This isn’t one of those crazy mathy bear blogs. Occasionally I will post some math. Or, more accurately, I will post links to other people’s maths, because I’m really too lazy to do much else, and because I’m too busy blogging and working and swiping and building <Cinnamon Challenge> from the ground up (more on that later) to do the math thing. (I like to mangle faces and then write about said mangling.) I’m just very fortunate to know some of the mathier folks that play this game. Great people, by the way.

No, this is more what happens when a bear starts writing about the swiping and the guild building and the admin work and retarded things that people like to say in IRC and /g and party and raid chats. About the sort of characters that populate this bear’s Wow life in and out of game. And about the stuff that Blizzard does to this game that I play and love.


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