Starts and Stops

And so, Patch 5.2 arrived with much fanfare and dinosaur murder and…pugging.


So, business as usual on the raid front, as we were gimped by two missing raiders. One got hacked, and used the opportunity to make his exit from WoW (for now), and the other had a work obligation. Stupid real life; can’t they see that we’re trying to kill bosses here?!

After a bit of discussion, we decided to hit trade chat to fill the holes. It isn’t like it would the first time we pugged for something, right? Not the start we wanted, but still a start. An opening week start.

Night one yielded a resto shaman and a lock. I find that it is both wonderful and terrible to pug a DPS that we already have in the group. It is wonderful in that our DPS usually wipes the floor with the pug, making me grateful once again that we’ve got good murderers. It is terrible…well, not for us, for the groups they have to go back to. >.>


Anyway…we killed Jin’rokh.

See?(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

And then…and then bridge trash.

Let’s talk about trash for a minute, you guys. The trash in Throne of Thunder is made by angry people. Angry, angry people. People who don’t get hugged, or eat chocolate, or get invited to parties. People whose underthings are too tight, who are pantsed and swirlied and wedgied and stuffed into lockers with alarming frequency, despite being well out of high school. They pay that anguish forward. They design trash with massive healing debuffs, and things you can’t kill that shoot you over the side of a bridge into an abyss, and wind, and surprise pythons with poisons that stack crazy high and can’t be dispelled. SURPRISE PYTHONS. Surprise pythons that make your death knight squeal like Muletia at a Gnome and Waggle convention, but with much less delight.

I’m saying it was bad. I’m saying it took us the better part of 45 minutes to clear it that first night.

Sadly, night two was more of the same. Pugged DPS who had to leave, to be replaced half an hour later by another DPS that also had to leave. Thus ended our raid week. Two nights ended early, one boss kill, and everyone hates Horridon (seriously, everyone felt the need to reiterate this, many, many, MANY times).

All told, we had some good moments in all that mess. We got to keep the resto shaman (we pug people and they want to stay; it’s freakin’ magical!), actually killed something, that trash only took 20 minutes on night two (with minimal deaths!) and despite everyone being pretty peeved by the end, we did learn some things. Next week we’ll have a full guild group, and it’ll be a bit easier. We’re pretty good at turning wipes into changes that produce kills. I’m optimistic for next week. I just wish I didn’t have to do it again on my paladin this weekend. Yay for tanking a second group…but that is another post for another time.

Elsewhere in the world…

As we began, another ended. My former guild, Anduins Fist, decided to close up shop this week, after years of raids and a lot of good memories made. The tag I wore when I really learned how to be a tank, surrounded by people who knew me when I was just a scrubby little hunter with a lot of drive to learn. It may not have been my home anymore, but I still stopped by the old neighborhood as often as I was able. It was a nice little place, and it will be missed by many. I wish all of my former guildmates the best of luck as they go their separate ways, and that they all find new places that they can learn to love.

Until next time…


~ by Esco on March 8, 2013.

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