The Story So Far…

About a year ago, five people got together in Stormwind in the middle of the night, mostly on alts, to sign a guild charter. It was kind of a big deal, the culmination of a lot of long vent conversations beginning somewhere around “We need a new guild,” and ending at “So what are we going to call this thing, anyway?” And thus, Cinnamon Challenge got born.

For the next nine months, we leveled and leveled and server transferred and leveled some more, and professions were professed, and farms were farmed, and dailies, dailies, heroics, dailies (haaaate). We recruited and recruited and Pleth was awesome and leveled a druid and then leveled a monk because we really didn’t need a druid and then more recruiting. Gems were cut, food was cooked, flowers were picked, more food was cooked, and then food stopped getting cooked because we had no place to put it.

Then we started raiding, and miracle of miracles, stuff died and we went, “Hey, this might work after all!” so we killed more stuff and then I didn’t have internet and gravely ill Aussie hunter and more recruiting and pugging and recruiting. And then I came back and more kills and screenshots and videos and loot and blog posts and controversy and Amber Shaper and table flipping and then we totally cleared Terrace of Endless Spring in four hours (yes, I’m proud of it).

Sha of Fear

Lowmaine: Oh, we’re putting text on the screenshots now? Me: Yes. Yes we are. (Click to enlarge.)

And then more loot and Pleth was awesome again and leveled a shaman and we still have a ton of food and we’re not broke and whoa, we’re server 50th and man that’s a lot of Blood Spirits.


I think that’s it.

Happy Birthday Cinnamon Challenge, and thank you everyone who made our first year pretty freakin’ spectacular.

The end beginning.


~ by Esco on February 26, 2013.

3 Responses to “The Story So Far…”

  1. /happy.

  2. I especially like the ‘pleth was awesome’ part.

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