Cheap Tuesday Post, Ahoy!

Hey, I’m just happy to be posting twice in a month. It’s a freakin’ Christmas miracle.

I’m actually working on something a bit heavy, but until I get it done, please enjoy this short film of us killing Elegon last week. Lowmaine PoV.

Not pictured: Lowmaine falling down the hole on the pull before this one, or us all loudly telling him in vent to get off the platform during this kill.


~ by Esco on January 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Cheap Tuesday Post, Ahoy!”

  1. I’m all punchy in this because I’m going SUCK IT JABRONI as loud as possible during the end of the kill when I’m all mashin’ Execute (Also screw you guys why do you have to be mean jeez).

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