Bear(‘s) Back, or Moment of Profitability

At last, I have something to talk about that isn’t dailies (too many, totally over them, hatehatehate) or my suck ass connection (it sucked ass). And I’m going to talk a LOT. But there will also be pictures. Just note that you have been warned.

Last time I posted, Cinnamon Challenge had finally gotten it together enough to field a raid. That week, we went 4/6 in Mogu’shan Vaults, the first instance in our 3-raid, 16-boss tier. Following this magical entry week, my suck ass connection went to new heights, effectively blocking me from raids of any kind. Chagrined, I stepped away, not even doing dailies for several weeks until a former guildmate exploited that perfect nexus of mount lust, competitiveness, and psychological voodoo to get me back on the wagon. It was a rough time. Posts began about my daily hatred (and the strange masochism that drives me to do them anyway) and how much it blew to sit on the sidelines and watch, and all sit, abandoned in my drafts. At some point, I may trot out my favorite bits of those entries just for giggles. Wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for that, though.

The time did not pass idly – or without frustration – for my crew. We came up with a plan for my absence, rebalanced the group, and pugged a lot. Nearly every raid. The problem with being new on the scene is twofold: One, reaching the stability point is tenuous, because two, everyone seems to equate new guild with new raiders. The second part is the most irksome, for sure. The majority of our raiders have been at this a long time, going back to BC or farther. We all have standards and a more hardcore mentality. We read constantly, spend time looking at numbers, gem and enchant and overhaul reforging and argue best practices and all of it. Lowmaine, my co-tank and co-GM, just got a prot warrior guide stickied on the WoW forums. (If you haven’t been the to blog that he co-authors, Die By the Sword, you should remedy that, even if you aren’t a warrior. AFTER you finish this post. It’s not going anywhere.) We are new, but we are not fresh. But some of the apps we get…welcome to amateur hour. Did you even bother to investigate us before you decided you wanted to join?

Anyway, despite the fact that at least one spot was pugged each raid, the group managed to finish MSV and kill the first two bosses in Heart of Fear: Yo Dawg, We Heard You Wanted More Bugs. All things considered, they moved along at a pretty good clip. And if we manage to go 8/16 in about 6 weeks without a full guild group, imagine what we can do WITH one.

Well, this past week, we got a bit closer to that. My internet issues were finally remedied in the form of a new apartment with shiny new services. Two tanks meant a more stable healing crew, as my stand-in was able to move back to her primary role. This was a very big week for me, in more ways than one. For this was the week I achieved the moment of profitability.

Simply put, the moment of profitability is that moment where the place you are is officially better than the place you left. You may always know this place is better. But now you have something to point to so that other people with stuff to say can shut up. I find it to be a universally applicable thing. After all, when your new business finally MAKES money instead of just hemorrhaging it, that feels pretty sweet. I’ve had moments like that in guilds before, but none quite like this.

You see, unlike my co-GMs, leaving my former guild was hard. The guys were in an insanely, hilariously bad situation. Achieving profitability is easy there; the bar is set so low you can step over it. But AF actually isn’t that bad.  We made a respectable showing, but we weren’t big time. And that was fine. I was there for two years, held in place by my officer’s post and the raid group I thought of as game family. Several of them were people I’d raided with way back in Resurrected, my first raiding guild, so it was doubly comfortable to me. And it was on Aggramar, where I’d lived and played since beginning the game in 2007. I messed around on other servers, but Aggramar was home. Despite any discontentment, this was the place where I belonged.

So leaving was a closed-eyed leap. And even though I knew I was in a better place…well, you know. It’s the scary newness again. And with the place I left still doing its thing, reaching that moment of profitability was going to be a real push. It was, and yet it wasn’t. As of the start of my first lockout back, both this guild and my former guild sat at 8/16 bosses. And with me being back…well, I’m rusty. I got my face beaten in by Devastating Combos on Wednesday. It got a little better on Thursday. I suppose I can still learn how to do stuff.

By any standards, Thursday was a good night for us. We had a full guild group, though it was not without its disconnection and small child issues. I was calmer and a little more relaxed (Wednesday night had featured me eating someone’s face about 20 minutes in; nervous bears are cranky!), and with a couple of hours of work, Garalon bit it, pretty much right at enrage. Literally; he had turned big and red and was rearing back to deliver his insta-wipe when he keeled over. And then screenshots. It had been so long since I’d done it that Low had to remind me.  It seemed to please him to do so, though.

You would not believe how many screenshots I have have to take just to get one where Murdos is looking at the damn camera. Sheesh. (Click to enlarge.)

You would not believe how many screenshots I have have to take just to get one where Murdos is looking at the camera. Sheesh. (Click to enlarge.)

Heartened, and with two hours left to raid, we ran off to the next boss. And we killed him. It was messy. Oh so messy. And again, it was right at enrage, not to mention twenty minutes past the official end of raid time.

Des is pouting because I told her to move her Jade Dragon out of the middle of the shot. (Click to enlarge.)

Des is pouting because I told her to move her Jade Dragon out of the middle of the shot. (Click to enlarge.)

And just like that, 10/16. A great way to spend my first week back. Turning a profit.

Or as someone put it when I told him, “Um…are you guys recruiting?”

Until next time!


~ by Esco on January 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “Bear(‘s) Back, or Moment of Profitability”

  1. “though it was not without its disconnection and small child issues.”

    Go me! 😀

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