You Can Go Home Again, Because Home is In a Different Place

I like the expansion so far. The quests are fun (though Jade Forest is looooooong) and there are a lot of tiny touches here and there that are just giggle- and groan-inducing in the extreme. I’m pulling together bits here and there to post after I reach 90. That should be fun. I think my favorite to this point is a gorgeous screenshot I took in Jade Forest, overlooking the Temple of the Jade Serpent. Less than an hour after, the landscape had been altered considerably. I’m glad I happened to turn around when I did.

Funny thing is that my best moment in-game wasn’t in Pandaria…well, not exactly. I will explain. Thursday afternoon brought restarts. I did errands all day, and when I finally got a chance to log back in, there were 8 minutes to restart. Boo. So I hopped over to Aggramar, hoping that maybe they were on a different part of the cycle. (They were. An earlier part. >.>) There were about 10 people on, though.

It was also super quiet.

Not a shred of conversation. No one was talking. No one was grouping. Everyone was just questing. Which is fine, really. It was what I was used to, and even six weeks before it wouldn’t have bothered me at all. That’s just how some guilds are. Conversation happens in quiet places and spaces. Mostly there’s focus, and everyone just does their thing. Some are perfectly happy with that experience.

I, on the other hand, found myself rather unsettled. I didn’t realize it until right then, but my Cinnamon Challenge is a house full of people at dinnertime. Conversation is constant. Dungeon groups randomly form. We kid and pick on each other and laugh and complain about things and just generally have a good time. And I have become accustomed to it. We have equal numbers of people on in both places, but the atmospheres are so very different. And I was homesick.

We should see 4 90s today. I will not be one of them (I’m on pace to finish some time late tomorrow.) We are probably going to have to have to push back our raid start while we gear up and fill out the group (we could use a DPS Shaman and a hunter – tell a friend!) But I’m not worried. We’re having a blast, and clearly enjoying each other’s company. Tier 14 is mostly about making this group a team, but if watching the leveling process is any indication, we’ll be just fine.

Until next time!


~ by Esco on September 28, 2012.

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